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"My life is not a timeline, it's more abstract, non-linear. What happens is that I can
see patterns that have been repeated at different stages." EU.CLIDES

In 2020, while the world stopped and we were experiencing a strange and reclusive
way of life, EU.CLIDES caught his breath to take music he had been experimenting
with at home onto the street, even before everything was shut down. But to take
that step with confidence it was first necessary to cross paths with different cultures, communities and music scenes. The constant presence of the guitar and the creative, almost limitless way he brings it to the musical language, comes from an old, familiar relationship. Informal learning, received in a church context, and formal learning he had at the conservatory, were both foundational in his current work. Free from the rigid discipline of classical music, he became involved in the Parisian gospel and hip-hop scene. This profusion of experiences and sharing led him to spend three years touring with various groups around the world. Above all, these years made him aware of how small he was, "I was slapped. After all, I know

This frenetic life led him to physical and psychological fatigue. It was then that
EU.CLIDES took another improbable step, "I have to stop touring to start my
project". In this ebb of back and forth he began an extensive process of searching
for his own sound. Suddenly, the cosmopolitan and itinerant musician turns his
bedroom into a studio and finds himself locked in this small laboratory, where he
can freely dedicate himself to sound experiments of his own. Despite the isolation,
he shares the creative process and the first demos with TOTA, a composer and
lyricist with whom he establishes an unusual creative partnership. This partnership
extends from the first single to the first album of originals, which will be out this
year, in 2023. This album, with lyrics by TOTA, also features Pedro da Linha, an
emerging producer from the Lisbon music scene with whom he has collaborated
before. According to EU.CLIDES, "It is a work where I feel I am going further than I
ever thought I would.”

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