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Extrazen is a young upcoming Portuguese artist, composer and producer. Born in Santo Tirso, a small city near Porto, he started playing guitar at a tender age and has fallen in love with music ever since. After an independent release of his first 3 singles - “Miss Me”, “Vegas” and “Jack n’ Rose” - he joined One House Only and released his acclaimed debut single and music video  “With You”. Following a quiet and unusual 2020, Extrazen made his return with “Pinewood St.” - an acoustic, intimate and nostalgic ballad which marked the end of a one year hiatus for the young artist. Determined not to lose focus, he released “Cleopatra” with LEFT. and YANAGUI shortly after, making his radio debut on several stations around the country. 

Being constantly influenced by every genre and in continuous musical exploration and discovery, he is working on his debut EP who is set to come out earlier next year.

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