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Nuno Lopes

Nuno Lopes is one of the most recognized Portuguese faces, a celebrated and justly awarded actor with a remarkable international career.
But there is a skin that Nuno Lopes wears with special pleasure, a skin that fits like a glove and for which preparation or even some special method of concentration is not necessary, a skin that does not imply reading scripts, physical or emotional transformations. And that skin that Nuno Lopes has been wearing since 2006 is that of a DJ.

Since then he has performed solo in notable national booths, but he has already taken his dance vision much further: from Paredes de Coura Festival to Lux and hence countless other events and clubs where his only concern is the hustle and bustle on the dance floor, the movement of bodies and the energy that comes out of the sound system. And for that, his careful and eclectic selection of electronic beats of different cadences always counts, from the deepest house to the most classic techno and from there to wherever inspiration can take him, as indeed happens on big and small screens, the improvisation is also fundamental in this art that does not require scripts.

And one thing is certain for those who have already heard him as a DJ: the energy he receives from the track is returned and multiplied, because when Nuno Lopes surrenders to music he is not only a broadcaster, but also the main receiver: he knows how to have fun when the music is playing. And that pleasure distinguishes him and guarantees effusive applause at the end of the night.


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