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Yeli Yeli is the collaboration between Spanish traditional flamenco singer Álvaro Romero and Portuguese electronic music producer and DJ Pedro da Linha.

Álvaro Romero has an up and coming career in Spain with his project RomeroMartin, very active in LGBTIQ+ scenes due to his activist lyrics and performances. Da Linha is a very sought after DJ and producer from the burgeoning Lisbon scene, having worked with Buraka Som Sistema or Ana Moura, among many others.

Together, they mingle two different yet geographically and culturally close cultures, Portuguese and Spanish, including as well all the sounds and influences that have come back and forth from both African and American transoceanic territories into the Iberian peninsula throughout the centuries. Avant-garde electronics and traditional flamenco are just the starting points for a search that joins body and brain, the sensuality of dance and the exploration and lyrical critique of the exploitation,
slavery, migrations provoked by colonization, and how all this has been reflected in popular music across the oceans, in particular in flamenco with Magreb and Latin America and in progressive kuduro and baile funk with Africa and Brazil.

Da Linha and Romero, together as Yeli Yeli, travel back to the origins of fado, flamenco and Iberian folk music, shaping it all into a contemporary dancefloor timebomb where traditional music and new beats and technology are one and the same.

Yeli Yeli is the ancient gipsy shout that can be heard at parties or at gipsy weddings. A Yeli Yeli show is a dance party that gives you food for thought, as well.

This project has made its worldwide premiere at the Bienal de Flamenco in Sevilla, Spain, and has already been shown at BAM festival in Barcelona, Monkey Week in Sevilla or MIL festival in Lisbon.

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