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The signature "music for the body and head" became over time a cliché but fits perfectly into the identity of whosputo.

The band was born in 2018 and released its first album, Art of Decay, in April 2020. Taking advantage of the inertia of quarantine, they combined old with new material and released a follow-up EP in November, Buffer Sketches.

Riding on the realms of jazz, soul, r&b and electronics, whosputo compose, produce and mix their work in a DIY spirit. With this creative freedom, the group addresses themes such as anxiety and depression in sensual textures, curling between melody and groove but never imposing and removing the listener from the ambience to which it transports him.  With Buffer Sketches the band tries to pull the threshold of what makes music uncomfortable while it's still cozy: it's a contrasting, smooth and candid experience, hypnotic and distressed, all at the same time. In the EP, the balance is often not present in rhythmic instruments, but rather in synthesizers and samples that end up creating another type of rhythmic textures. The group does not forget, however, that what they want to do is songs, their structures are the basis of Buffer Sketches as much as they might take on less conventional textural robes.

Whosputo work in their music videos a cinematic visual language to go together with the music. In the videoclip for "Are You Just Like Me?", we are invited to follow vocalist Raimundo Carvalho, guarded by the band's members and friends as several flights of stairs rise. In the latest video clip to be taken from the EP, which gives moving image to thee track "Eternity", by young director Denis Liang, based in Munich, we are invited to follow the subject who tries to escape something, in a continuous loop, as if he was being pursued by the unknown.